My story:

After my education in dressmaking and textile engineering, I went to work as a purchaser in a textile company. There it became clear to me that this was not how I wished to do things. I disagreed with all aspects of the fashion industry—the use of slave labor to make products, the exploitation of workers, and the way the fashion industry dictates to the customer about what a person should wear.

My strong feelings helped me develop my values and forced me to search for a way to make a living that would work for me.

After many years doing research in visual arts and participating in the performance arts and music, it became obvious that the way for me to create was to practice craftsmanship. And the direction to go was toward fair trade, efficient use of resources, using processes that were sustainable and not wasteful, and creating and supporting healthy work conditions for myself and the people I work with and depend on.

In particular, I wanted to be able to place special attention on each piece of clothing created by me and my team as a way to deepen my practice of craftsmanship.

I was born in the Austrian Alps. I have lived in Vienna for about a decade. Music brought me to Barcelona in 2008. And here I began to establish my life and created GERZI, my fashion label for exclusive, handmade clothing. Four years later, in 2012, I created my own interdisciplinary workshop and workspace: GERZI Studio.

GERZI Studio and its showroom are situated in the Collserola Nature Park, a greenbelt in Barcelona where 12 artistic spaces form a magical place called Les Naus de l’Art (The Art Galleries).

Currently, my favorite project is creating knitted pullovers for men and women. These pieces are based on researching and developing my own high-quality knitted fabric in order to achieve a stylish, timeless, protective, comfortable, durable, and sustainable item of clothing.

All the leftover material from making each piece is never wasted but goes to make special decorations or accessories like gloves or scarfs.

Every item is designed and produced with intention and craft using traditional sewing and tailoring methods in calm surroundings that celebrate art, inspiration, green living, and nature.

Now, eleven years after the first beginnings, I have decided to present some of my products to a wider audience via an online shop. In the course of the conception and design of my online shop, I changed my brand name to Barbara Zimmermann Barcelona, BZB for short.

I hope, in this way, to bring you, my customer, closer to my studio’s activity. I wish to give you a little insight into “my world” and have you enjoy direct access to my products.

I look forward to connecting with you all! [or I look forward to sharing my work with you!]